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For the recent graduate: Fire Your Boss

“Do what you love and _____________”. I’m sure you can complete that sentence, even  in your sleep. There is so much talk about Passion and Purpose these days that it’s impossible to have never heard the saying “do what you love and the money will follow”. What if someone told you the exact opposite? What if someone said, “work for the money, and the love will follow”?

That’s the tag line for Stephen Pollan and Mark Levine’s Fire Your Boss.


It’s career advice your career counselor probably never gave you. What if instead of encouraging you to find a meaningful career, you were encouraged to choose the job that pays the most based on your skill set, and to find meaning in the other parts of your life? The authors invite you to a paradigm shift: one in which you let go of the idea of a career, and instead  you embrace the idea of a job…or rather a string of jobs.

No, it’s not about just finding any job and getting on with it…or about literally firing your boss. It’s about redefining your skill set outside of the boundaries of industryspeak, outside of the borders of your job description and letting go of the idea that your career should be THE thing that brings you satisfaction and meaning.

There are things you will agree with and things you will disagree with. There are concepts that will challenge you and concepts that will wholeheartedly embrace.

It’s different enough to be interesting. It just might change the way you view the world of Work.

P.S. It will probably win as the answer to the question “what’s one book that you should not read at work?”


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We hope you’re spending this Memorial Day weekend relaxing, watching friends graduate and catching up on some very important projects…like sleep.We’re introducing the other portion of this project.

The Shameless Book Nerd does not only read classics, but also some non-fiction, especially twenty-something targeted non-fiction. The vision is to inspire us to read books from our pasts and books that make us look towards the future.

So, first in that category is the 2010 book by Emily Bennington and Skip Lineberg entitled Effective Immediately. The tagline says it all: How to FIT IN, STAND OUT, and MOVE UP at Your First REAL JOB. 

The thing with books like these is that there’s so much good stuff in them that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the advice and struggle to implement all of them. To bypass all that, we’ll be posting about ONE thing we’ll be doing differently because we have read the book.

That is the question for you too. As you pick  a book like this with us: What is one way that my life, personal or professional, has changed as a result of having read the book?