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We Love it: Creative Mornings

I love Jessica Hische‘s Creative Mornings talk! Even though the central point of her talk was about the importance of designers learning the tech aspects of design, her enthusiasm for learning is infectious!

The talk is about 50 minutes, but most of the non-designer, general stuff is in the first 10 minutes, curse words included 😉

Memorable Quotes

  • “As soon as it’s mandatory, it stops being something you want to do for a living.”
  • “You are your cheapest labor. You learn the tools to make the things that you want to make.”
  • “If you have a thing that you want to do, don’t say ‘I guess I can’t do it’ because it’ll take 3 weeks to learn what you need to learn to do what you want to do.”
  • “The desire to learn should be the only thing you should have picked up in college.”
  • “It’s liberating to be able to make anything you want to make”

Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast gathering of creatives. Originated in New York City by the renowned designer, Tina Roth Eisenberg, it has spread to various cities around the world.


We love it: Kickstarter

I think Google should add a third button under its search bar. It would read: Google Search, I’m Feeling Lucky and I’m Feeling Generous. The I’m Feeling Generous button would be linked to sites like and Kickstarter so that, on days when you’re feeling down or you start to lose trust in the human race, you can click on it and help someone get a tiny bit closer to their dream. Because it is true what they say: There are more blessings in giving than in receiving.

Kickstarter is an online platform that allows creatives to crowdfund their projects. In other words, they invite others to be a part of their work by trading “a piece of the real estate” for financial support. You can check out projects by Location, Category or by Popularity. We love Kickstarter because as Yann Martel mentions in his foreword of Life of Pi: “If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams”. Here are a few  projects that’s caught our eye recently.

1. I grew up on series like Asterix and Obelix and the Adventures of Tintin. So, when I came across Penny and Bobby, it didn’t take long to convince me. I found myself getting excited like I did years ago, when I got ahold of my first animated book series. Plus, you’re never too old to enjoy mythological adventures. No, you can’t convince me otherwise.

2. What determines success or failure on the road to Change? This documentary asks this very question. I don’t know about you, but I’m curious of the answer…or answers. There are only 11 days to go!

3. Another project about lighting a fire under your behind. Anyone else can relate to the whole “quiet desperation” thing? Did I really catch a glimpse of Danielle Laporte in that trailer? Chris Guillebeau?  I want to see this in a movie theater! Only 5 dollars and you get a digital download. Say whaaa?

4. A guide to Multicultural London. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. Wanderlust, take me away! 19 days to go on this one.

5. Bonus! This project is all funded, but I thought it’s worth mentioning anyway. When Christina Mercado couldn’t find a job after grad school, she turned lemons into lemonade by writing an adult “children’s” book about the process of finding a job. I want a copy!

What projects have you helped fund? What projects would you help fund?

We love it: Etsy

Ah, Etsy. You can always count on Etsy for a unique gift for that quirky person in your life. We found a few potential gifts that we just couldn’t resist sharing.

First up, a poster for the friend that loves books and shamelessly drops words no one else has used since the last century in every day conversation. $20 from theloveshop 

Next, for the Jane Austen-quoting (young) woman in your life. Because, really, you can never have too many scarves…plus, you can pretend it’s Mr. Darcy as you snuggle with it. Don’t tell us you’ve never thought about it! $40  from storiarts

Then, for the one whose favorite part of Halloween and Christmas is catching the Charlie Brown special, an iPhone 4 case. $30 from LisaRussoFineArt

Finally, for the die-hard bibliophile who has succumbed to the convenience of the Ipad…it’s the content that matters, right? Proudly hold up your “Hunger Games” iPad case next time that person holding a book smirks at you. (about) $40 from rabbitsmile.

We love it: TED

TED is awesome. Technology.Entertainment. Design…but so much more. There are so many TED talks online that it would take months to just go through it all. There are a few that relate to books and reading and creativity that we’d like to highlight here.

1. Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story. This is a personal favorite. It helped me to see world events in a much different ways. There IS a danger to telling or hearing a single story…over and over again.

2. I never knew what went to designing a book cover. Very insightful…and very  funny.

3. “Maybe [artistry] doesn’t have to be quite so full of anguish if you never happened to believe, in the first place, that the most extraordinary aspects of your being came from you. But maybe if you just believed that they were on loan to you from some unimaginable source for some exquisite portion of your life to be passed along when you’re finished … it starts to change everything.”

Love this talk by Elizabeth Gilbert.