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To the Tumblr! – New Cover

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we can all agree that a cover design can either add or take away from your first impression of a book.

Matt Roeser is a graphic designer. He reads books and designs new covers for them. You can find out more about his work on his website or get a more in-depth, almost behind-the-scenes for his work at


To the Tumblr! – Underground New York Public Library

It started as a joke. Any time a friend would ask a question none of us knew the answer to, we would yell “To the Google!” It ¬†sort of stuck and can now be used for any other platform. Need homemade/handmade goods? To the Etsy! Need a virtual pep talk? To the TED! Need some visual inspiration? To the Tumblr!

28-year old Street Photographer Ourit Ben-Haim has been taking pictures of New York City subway riders since 2007. However, her site didn’t come together until 2011. Her photos capture what every day people are reading, some of them very surprising or entertaining. Along with photos, she provides links for where to rent or buy the books. The photos are also posted on the UNYPL’s Facebook Page, allowing people to have conversations about the books and to get excited about reading or discovering new books.

The Underground New York Public Library is definitely one Tumblr to check out for inspiration!

Photo: Screenshot of  UNYPL