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That Is So Unlike Me: Joining the Women’s Rugby Team

I’m a pacifist at heart. That’s why I joined the women’s rugby team my first week of college.

No, but seriously.

On a scale of 1 to Aggressive, I’m at around -17. As a kid, I used to either burst into tears whenever conflict arose or I’d be the one hiding in a corner, with both hands covering my ears. I was more likely to join the Peace/Social Justice club throughout my school days than any contact sports team. I was part of the Peer Conflict Resolution group in high school. If two friends were fighting, I was the one to sit them down and have them talk things through till they were patched. I’d say “Unity” is one of  my favorite words in the dictionary.  Yet, during the first week in college, I walked by the Student Activities table and was handed a small pink flyer. Not wanting to offend, I took it from the overly enthusiastic girl in gym shorts. She asked if I had ever played rugby. I shook my head no, but she reassured me that newcomers were welcome and that it was easy to pick up.

I must have been feeling pretty bold. It was college after all. New beginnings, new me. I signed my name, gave my e-mail address and told her I’d be looking forward to hearing from them. It felt good. Like I just signed up for an epic journey. Plus, it was a great story to tell my new dorm-mates and friends. Guess what, I just signed up for the Women’s Rugby Team! Killer, right?

The meeting date finally came. They picked us up in front of our dorm and took us to their training field, which seemed like an hour away. I stood shoulder to shoulder with other freshmen girls, many whom were tinier than I was. Was this real? The team captain started to coach us. We were instructed on how to catch and hold on to the ball, how to tackle people and how to fall without breaking our ribs.

Breaking ribs? Really? It was at this point that they passed out the mouth guards. So that, you know, we can protect our teeth. Wait, this is getting real now.

It was at this point that some of the veterans came to check out the rookies. A few of them were on crutches. Huh? I didn’t have time to wonder why they were hobbling around. Someone had taken me down. Someone half my size. It actually…felt great.

I was in pain when I stumbled into my dorm room that evening, but I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to tell anyone who would listen that there is a proper way to fall without risking grave injury.

Anyone who knew me could tell me, mostly non-verbally through quick smiles and head shakes: That is so unlike you! The Pacifist Turned Contact Sport Player. The most exciting part of the whole thing resided in that one word: Turned. I like stories of Turnover, of “label peeling” and “stereotype-defying”.

Despite my excitement, this Turnover story was only a partial one. I only lasted a day in the Women’s Rugby Team. Looking at the mouth guard that night, remember the crutches and realizing that I’d have to wake up way before the sun to practice, I declined from going further.

Yet, that love of Turnover stories hasn’t left me. I look forward to living out more Turnover stories, more than partial, hopefully, this time around.

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Effective Immediately – Or What You Wish Your Professors Had Taught You About Your First Job

You know who needs this book? Every single person graduating this May from college! You should buy it for them as a graduation gift. One thing this book doesn’t cover, though, is how to find a job. So, maybe that recent college grad entering the work world in the middle of a recession may scowl at you when you hand them this book. But…you should still get a copy and pass it on to them when they do get that job, because the book starts from your first day at the job.

So, what’s the one thing I’m taking away from this book?

The Friday Update

It’s the chapter titled “One Thing You Should Do Every Friday”. It’s intuitive but something not all of us think to do. The Friday Update is a simple e-mail drafted in bullet-point format, updating your boss or supervisor(s) on your progress. It should include the following things:

1. Your accomplishments that week: Things you got done, projects you finished, phone calls you made, etc

2. Your challenges or areas you need help or insight: Places in project where you’ve hit a snag, Things with which you need more information or help from them, etc

3. Noteworthy opportunities, suggestions and insight: This is an extremely helpful one when you don’t have daily contact with your boss/supervisor(s). It’s your input on how to do something better or faster, your suggestions, etc

4. Issues that need their input or approval: These are the questions you have for them on current or future projects.

5. Your Schedule and goals for the next week: Bullet point goals with dates next to them.

BAM! Hit Send!…okay, make sure you’ve proofread, then hit Send!

The thing with this is that it keeps you accountable and reminds the upper-levels that you’re bringing value to the company. I read this and recently implemented this in my own routine, with positive feedback.

Have you read this? Wanna read this now? Amazon’s calling!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We hope you’re spending this Memorial Day weekend relaxing, watching friends graduate and catching up on some very important projects…like sleep.We’re introducing the other portion of this project.

The Shameless Book Nerd does not only read classics, but also some non-fiction, especially twenty-something targeted non-fiction. The vision is to inspire us to read books from our pasts and books that make us look towards the future.

So, first in that category is the 2010 book by Emily Bennington and Skip Lineberg entitled Effective Immediately. The tagline says it all: How to FIT IN, STAND OUT, and MOVE UP at Your First REAL JOB. 

The thing with books like these is that there’s so much good stuff in them that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the advice and struggle to implement all of them. To bypass all that, we’ll be posting about ONE thing we’ll be doing differently because we have read the book.

That is the question for you too. As you pick  a book like this with us: What is one way that my life, personal or professional, has changed as a result of having read the book?