We Love it: Creative Mornings

I love Jessica Hische‘s Creative Mornings talk! Even though the central point of her talk was about the importance of designers learning the tech aspects of design, her enthusiasm for learning is infectious!

The talk is about 50 minutes, but most of the non-designer, general stuff is in the first 10 minutes, curse words included 😉

Memorable Quotes

  • “As soon as it’s mandatory, it stops being something you want to do for a living.”
  • “You are your cheapest labor. You learn the tools to make the things that you want to make.”
  • “If you have a thing that you want to do, don’t say ‘I guess I can’t do it’ because it’ll take 3 weeks to learn what you need to learn to do what you want to do.”
  • “The desire to learn should be the only thing you should have picked up in college.”
  • “It’s liberating to be able to make anything you want to make”

Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast gathering of creatives. Originated in New York City by the renowned designer, Tina Roth Eisenberg, it has spread to various cities around the world.


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