Book #3: The Grapes of Wrath

I walked to the back, like a woman on a mission. It was 15 minutes before library closing. I know this because the lady on the intercom told me…and every teen trying to squeeze in one more video game before the computers automatically shut down.

I wanted something new, something completely different from Life of Pi. There would be no graphic descriptions of a tiger tearing apart a zebra like a piece of paper, no flesh-eating trees and certainly no awkward mentions of cannibalism. I reached the end shelves and toyed with the idea of picking a large-print book. It is summer after all.

Nothing. Nothing stood out. Nothing sounded “classic” enough or interesting enough or “serendipitous” enough…until the very last shelf. I pulled the book and looked at the cover. Old timey cars packed to the very top…hmm…interesting. One word came to mind: Americana.

“This book is huge though”, I argued with myself while the lady on the intercom reminded us that we had 5 minutes to make a decision and stick with it. I tried putting it back. “This could be very dense and completely un-relatable, plus the author kinda looks like Dr. House.” The word Americana came to mind again. I’m intrigued. I’m curious. Maybe, I’ll have a definition for it by the time I reach the end of the book.

Steinbeck, here we go!


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