We love it: Etsy

Ah, Etsy. You can always count on Etsy for a unique gift for that quirky person in your life. We found a few potential gifts that we just couldn’t resist sharing.

First up, a poster for the friend that loves books and shamelessly drops words no one else has used since the last century in every day conversation. $20 from theloveshop 

Next, for the Jane Austen-quoting (young) woman in your life. Because, really, you can never have too many scarves…plus, you can pretend it’s Mr. Darcy as you snuggle with it. Don’t tell us you’ve never thought about it! $40  from storiarts

Then, for the one whose favorite part of Halloween and Christmas is catching the Charlie Brown special, an iPhone 4 case. $30 from LisaRussoFineArt

Finally, for the die-hard bibliophile who has succumbed to the convenience of the Ipad…it’s the content that matters, right? Proudly hold up your “Hunger Games” iPad case next time that person holding a book smirks at you. (about) $40 from rabbitsmile.


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